What We Can Offer You

TWIG's mission is to use sustainable practices in all aspects of our business. We care about the earth first and adhere to ethical practices for both the client and the environment. If you don't see a service that we may help you with, email us!

Organic Sustainable Garden/Landscape Design/Permaculture

TWIG believes that design is key to creating functioning landscapes. Clients can opt to be involved with the whole design process catering to to their specific landscaping needs. We also offer integrated landscape designs using edible plants, food forests, and permaculture designs for the 'off the grid' or 'homesteading' client. The design package includes a scaled CAD drawing in which the client can opt to install on their own, hire us, or submit it for bids from other landscapers. We give the client all the tools they need with the design package, which includes information sheets on plant material, proper planting, mulching, maintenance etc. We emphasize the importance of design. If we do a design and we install the entire design, we will wave half of the design fee. For our information sheets on the process please email us.


TWIG would be glad to come and spend some time initially for free to see if TWIG's services might be right for you. Anything over ½ hour of our time will be considered a consult and we will bill accordingly. Our hourly fee is $55/hour and may include travel time at $35/hour. We offer weekend and evening appointments.


TWIG can quote our design installations from start to finish or in stages. We take pride in using no till methods, no 'products', and recycled materials. All soil, mulch and compost is purchased locally. We have our own nursery with some native plants in stock and purchase from Maine and New Hampshire plant nurseries.


From low maintenance to high, we can guarantee your garden to always look its best. We offer maintenance contracts for the season which can vary from once a week to once a month visits. We can come and do a free quote for you. Maintenance is important and we pride ourselves in staying on schedule so your gardens will look good at all times. At each visit we will also create a custom bouquet for your indoor space using Paula's florist skills to use and brings your gardens indoors at no extra cost with a maintenance contract. We have limited availability for new clients. Existing clients contracts are mailed in February.

Educational Talks

Clubs, groups or just friendly gatherings can book a TWIG garden chat. The current fee is $100 per talk plus a $35 hourly travel fee if more than a 20 mile drive from Eastport. Sign up on our Facebook page or subscribe to the TWIG newsletter to stay on top of the current talks being offered.

Eastport Tree Walk

TWIG offers a two hour walk for groups or individuals on the island. Learn to identify native and invasive species, and unique trees we have on the island. Fee is $30 per person. Groups of two or more at $20 each. We are in the process of offering more walks that will be listed in our newsletter.

Please note: This list is subject to change due to scheduling two speakers and one field trip with above expertise.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Paula at or 207-922-9735.


TWIG will customize containers for your weddings or other events. We use perennial plants instead of annuals, so the client can then plant them in their garden for enjoyment years to come. The perennials were then planted in the clients yard for their enjoyment after the honeymoon and years to come!

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