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December 6, 2015
February 10, 2016

TWIG December Newsletter

Not sure how this whole blog thing is going, but the first newsletter went out and if you didn’t get it, you can sign up right through our website or email

So much to talk about, but let me at least put the TWIG Talk Schedule here for you to see.  It is always at the bottom of the newsletter.  Trying to get the TWITTER and the INSTAGRAM thing going….facebook is all set, just hit the facebook tab on the bottom of any of the website page.

February 21st – Pruning Workshop at the Cobscook Community Learning Center, Trescot.  1-4 pm.  For more information visit

March 12th – Organic Sustainable Garden Design Class
At the Commons, Downtown Eastport  – 9-4 $50 fee
Learn how to design the garden of your dreams from start to finish using organic sustainable methods.  From soils to plants, design to maintenance, this course is sure to inspire and excite!  For more information please email

Permaculture Design Class at the CCLC – Details forthcoming

Tree Walks – Talk a walk with TWIG in Eastport and learn about TREES!  For more information visit our website under services tab.

Peavey Memorial Library Garden Series

January 25th – Soil Specifics
Understanding and Preparing Your Soil Organically

Soil is life. This talk will cover the basics of prepping your soil organically and maintaining precious organisms for the health of your garden.

February 22nd – All About Composting
A Rind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Being able to make your own compost for your own garden is imperative for healthy pest free plants. Learn how to make compost correctly and efficiently!

March 28th – Sow, Sow, Sow Seed Starting

Open Pollinated, Hybrids, Heirloom? Learn what type of seeds is best for organic vegetable gardens! We will chat about everything needed to grow vegetables (and some flowers) from seed, from start to finish!

April 25th – Vigorous Veggies – Vegetable Gardening

This talk is for the first time vegetable gardener who wants to try their hands at growing their own organic vegetables. This talk guide you through the whole process of starting a small vegetable garden in your own yard!

May 23rd – Beneficial/Companion Planting
Learn about Food Forests!

This talk will be for the more advanced organic gardener. Learn about dynamic accumulators, companion planting and Food Forests!

June 27th – How to Choose the Best Plants
for Maine Coastal Gardens

Not sure what will work in your garden s here on the coast of Maine? Learn what will grow her and what will not.  If you have made bad choices in the past purchasing plant material, we will chat about the right plant for the right place, and save you money!

July 25th – What is Permaculture?

Come see what the buzz is all about! Permaculture has many aspects and this talk will get you thinking about a different way of living, that is if it is for you! A complex subject, and this talk will help your to understand what it is all about!

August 22 – Seed Saving Library

Come chat about the importance of seed saving, how to do it and what seeds you can save! Let’s get this seed saving library started!

September 26th – Putting Your Gardens to Bed

Putting your gardens to bed in the fall are important for overwintering your plants and wildlife. Come chat about some alternative methods of putting your garden to bed be fore the now flies!

This helps us to make sure that there is enough materials and seats are available for all, as well as the way to contact you should a cancellation be necessary.

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